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  • Was the terrible U.S. jobs report a precursor or a one-off?

    Experts: Don't Panic, it's Just One Jobs Report

    Editor’s note: The U.S. economy added a disappointing 38,000 jobs last month, the smallest number in more than five years, according to seasonally adjusted figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The weak numbers suggest a June interest rate hike – which the Federal Reserve had recently hinted is possible – is now off the table. We asked two of our experts to give us their quick takes on the report.

    We need a credible plan for the economy

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  • Historically low interest rates should spur infrastructure improvements.

    Are We Missing a Big Infrastructure Opportunity?

    The US presidential selection process is well underway, and yet there has been no coherent discussion of fiscal policy.  In part, this is because it does not appear particularly urgent.  The US deficit peaked in 2009 at 10.1% of GDP.  Last year it stood at what for most OECD countries an enviable 2.6%.  This year and next, it is forecast by private sector economists to reach 2.9%.

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  • Hunger in the 21st century U.S. should not be a problem.

    Why are People in the U.S. Still Going Hungry?

    Unfortunately, even though the U.S. is bountiful and the world’s biggest individual exporter of food, millions of Americans actually are not.

    Each year the Department of Agriculture runs a nationwide survey to determine how many people go hungry. The latest figures show almost 6 percent of households – about 18 million people – are consistently not getting enough to eat. Another 8 percent – 30 million people – have occasional problems feeding themselves.

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  • The ISM services index is at a record high versus manufacturing.

    ISM Data Shows Services Leaving Manufacturing in the Dust

    The October employment data convinced many that a Fed hike in December is a strong probability.  On top of the strongest average hourly earnings in several years, the US reported a record increase in September consumer credit.  Earlier last week, the US reported the stronger than expected October auto sales.  It was the second month in excess of 18 mln vehicles at an annualized rate.  This happened two other times since 1990.

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